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Blank space and the mountain


Once in college I had a marketing class and I needed to do a presentation in front of the whole class. I’m not a fan of “in front of the whole class.”

The assignment was to come up with a thing to market, and try to sell it to our professor. I was coming up with nothing. For days and days, not one idea. It’s hard to make an idea pop into your head on command.

Thankfully, one finally did come around midnight the night before it was due, and it was a good one, if I do say so myself. It was a commercial for Sonic (where I worked part-time while I was going to school). I think of this assignment every time I see a Sonic commercial now (think “Lil’ Doggies”), and am sure they need my skills, lol. One day you’ll see it on your TV, I’m just sure of it 🙂

I had to rush out to Walmart in the middle of the night to get poster boards and markers and whatever else I needed to make this happen. It turned out to be one of my favorite assignments of all 9 years of my 4-year degree 🙂

I’m getting sidetracked though… The point is, there are many times I want to have something to think/say/do, but draw a blank.

It’s been like that lately with writing. I have had no words. Blank paper. Blank computer screen. Blank thoughts. I couldn’t figure it out. I wanted to write. I wanted to do some blogs, to work on a book, but I was coming up with nothing. I have a journal of ideas, but even that was getting me nowhere. I wanted to share some words from God through my writing, but wasn’t hearing any hints from Him.

Then it hit me. I hadn’t been listening. I was praying, but not as intensely as I had been before. I became busy and let other things become a priority. I prayed for anyone who asked me to, I prayed over Facebook requests, and over some friends I knew who had been struggling. But I hadn’t really had a talk with Jesus. And as for reading God’s Word, not nearly as regularly as I had been before. It was no wonder I wasn’t hearing His gentle nudgings when it came time to get out my laptop.

In my journal I had written about Moses. In Exodus 19, beginning in verse 20, it says, “The LORD descended to the top of Mount Sinai and called Moses to the top of the mountain.”

When Moses wanted to hear from God during this time, or God wanted to speak to him, Moses had to go to the mountain. Up and down he went, relaying messages to the people from God, interceding for the people when they had quickly turned their backs on Him. To have these conversations with God, he had to go to the mountain.

Where is my mountain? What are the conditions that I hear God best?

For me, it is quiet time alone, when I am not feeling rushed, and I can pour my heart out to God and read His Word, highlighter and ink pens in hand, ready to hear what He has to say. Those are the times I feel His direction.

If you, like me, have had a hard time hearing God lately, see if you need to refocus. That was definitely my problem. Though sometimes God’s silence is for other reasons, this is a good place to start. If you still can’t hear from Him, don’t give up. Keep reading, keep praying, and keep looking and listening for Him. He is there.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (NIV)

Jeremiah 33:3


Wax on, wax off


Ralph Macchio was way hot as Daniel-san in the original Karate Kid.


As Mr. Miyagi was training him so he could defend himself against those jerks at the Cobra Kai Dojo, he gave Daniel-san some odd training techniques. Rather than showing him how to block a kick, Mr. Miyagi told him to wax his cars, paint his fences, and sand his floors. Sounds like a scam.

And that’s just what foul-mouthed Daniel-san tells Mr. Miyagi when he felt he had done enough. But Mr. Miyagi showed him just what he had learned.

While all the waxing, sanding, and painting seemed completely unrelated to the task of learning enough to show Johnny Lawrence that he wasn’t to be messed with, Mr. Miyagi had been teaching him all along.

I’ve noticed some wax-on/wax-off assignments from God recently. Walking around the block by Noah’s school and praying, I noticed it was trash day for the surrounding neighborhood. One of the neighbor’s trash bags had been ripped open by a local dog, with all their scraps and evidence of the week that had just passed.

As I walked by, I felt God nudging my heart. It seemed He wanted me to pick up the trash. So I kept walking. I decided I would get a bag from my car and pick it up on my next lap. I forgot to stop. So I circled again, still feeling God’s words on my heart. I grabbed an empty bag from my car, and walked to the yard. As I began to pick up pieces of this stranger’s garbage, I discovered garbage of a family just like mine, right down to their love of Chick-fil-a.

While nothing obviously life-changing happened from me obeying, God asked me to do it for a reason. Whether it was for that family to not have garbage all over their lawn, for me to learn a lesson in humility, for me to have a few moments focused on this family and praying for them, or for me to just learn to hear God’s voice, I don’t know. But I do know God wanted me to do it.

He has shared other things with me lately that He wanted me to do. And it seems the more I listen to Him and obey, the more “assignments” he is willing to give. And I really want them. There is nothing more satisfying than obeying God.

If God is asking you to help someone unload their cart at Walmart, or say hello to a neighbor, do it. Even if it is something that doesn’t seem to serve an immediate purpose. God is speaking and we are learning His voice.

Wax on and wax off your way to a closer, more intimate and beautiful relationship with God. You won’t regret it.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” – John 10:27-28