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The Second-Best Friend


The “bestie” seems to have evolved and thankfully opened “best-friendship” from a two-person relationship to as many people as you wish to give the honor.

My much-younger sister has many “besties” and “seesters.” But when I was growing up, there was clearly one spot, and you either had it or you didn’t. All other friends were subsequently named in place-order — second-best friend, and third-best friend, etc., and occasionally the order would be announced on the playground in conversation, reminding the rest of us.

I spent the majority of my childhood being the “second-best friend.” There were days I longed to be first-best friend, but I soon nestled in to the comfy spot of second. Second-best friend came with fewer responsibilities, and I talked myself into believing it was the way to go…. Read the rest of this post here 🙂