Look For His Shirt


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Sometime in the fall our church joined the other churches in our community for a prayer walk, and for probably a mile or so we all came together asking God for so many things we want for the Highlawn area. We prayed for the school, other churches, the hospital – you name it, it was covered. It was a beautiful day, with colored leaves on the trees and on the sidewalks and in neighborhood yards.

There are few things I love more than finding a big, extra crisp one, stepping right on top of it and hearing the crunch. During the walk I was distracted by these beauties and when I looked up, I realized I wasn’t in the same place in our large group. I couldn’t see Shawn anymore. I was looking all around me, but wasn’t having much luck finding him.
Everyone was taller than me so couldn’t see very far ahead of where I was, but then when I peeked around the right side of the group, up ahead I could see a bit of a red shirt. I knew he was wearing red, and felt pretty confident it was him. It was just enough for me to keep my eyes on until our next stop when I could meet back up with him.
Sometimes I find myself losing God in my crowd. Things pile in around me and I can’t see over the doubt, the fear, the uncertainty. Looking around I can find the tall disappointment, and I can see the broad-shouldered comparison, but where is God?

Then without fail, He will come into view and I can see a smidgeon of red, wondering if that just might be his sleeve. It is the hope I need to keep going.

In Luke chapter 8, a woman had been sick for 12 years, and no doctors could help her. She knows Jesus is passing by, and knew that if she could just get so close to be able to touch his clothes, it would be enough. She knew she just needed to be near Him.

She was right. Immediately, without even a word said, He did what doctors could not.
And I love so much that Scripture says “she could not go unnoticed.” She was settling for just being near Him, but He wanted to see her, up close. He called her “daughter.”

Being near did the job, but Jesus didn’t want it to stay that way. He got closer.

Are you facing something that seems much bigger than you, and you can’t seem to see God in it anywhere? Pray for a glimpse. All we really need is to know He is near.

Are distracted by all the things – the doubt, the comparison, the lies of the enemy? Look for His shirt.

Thankfully these times aren’t the norm. Often I feel like Jesus is right there, in my line of vision. And there are other times I feel like He is close enough to be holding my hand. But for those moments when I just can’t seem to find Him, I am so glad I can look for His shirt and that will be enough to keep me going. He is always close by.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9

About Jen Chapman

She is a wife to Shawn for 22 years and counting, and a mom to Noah, and together they live out their story in their tiny town of Barboursville, WV. She is a freelance writer and a blogger at girlmeetsgrace.com. Flowers, bookstores, and people are what make her smile. She has seen God’s grace redeem her big-time and wants everyone to know it and experience it for themselves. She wants more than anything to give praise and honor to Jesus, and point people to Him.

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