A Redeemer of Hope


People Walking, by DM GRACE

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People Walking, by DM GRACE

I have a recurring dream where I am in a car and
we are driving crazy-fast on dangerous, hilly
roads, when we go airborne and I’m always certain
this is my final day on earth. Then just before
landing, I wake up. The waking up part is one of
the best feelings in the world. So terrified, then
suddenly such relief.

I remember falling asleep in tears one night, a
bunch of years ago, certain I had done so much
damage to our marriage that we would be finished.
I felt more shame and hopelessness than I have
ever felt any other time in my life. And when I
woke up the next morning, I was groggily piecing
things together in my mind, hoping that I could tell
myself it had all been a dream. But as my story
came together in my head, I was crushed to
remember it all had been true.

This was real and happening and I was facing a
future I didn’t know. The pit in my stomach grew. I
had no hope for us.

Being without hope is a lonely, dark place. I hope
you haven’t been there, but if you have then you
know what I’m talking about.

In Luke 24, two followers of Jesus were walking
along a road after Jesus’ crucifixion, feeling an
extreme level of hopelessness, when Jesus showed
up to talk to them. He didn’t let them realize it was
Him, and instead asked them something like,
“Whatcha talking about?” They told Him about this
Jesus being a prophet who was so powerful, but
that the leaders had given Him the death sentence
and crucified Him. They went on to say, “but we
had hoped that he was the one who was going to
redeem Israel.” (v. 21)

But we had hoped.

Hope is such a beautiful word, but “had hoped” is
heart-breaking. Once there was hope, but now
there is not. We are past that time when we were
anticipating a rescue or restoration or healing to a
time where we can’t see any signs of hope
anywhere. It was a nice dream.

After spending the evening with these guys and
talking to them about Scripture and staying at
their home and blessing their bread and giving it
to them at their table, Luke says, “their eyes were
opened.” They suddenly were able to see their
Christ, the One they “had hoped” would redeem
their people. He was not dead at all but had been
with them all day.

Jesus met them where they were to restore their

This is so significant to me for many reasons, but
one is that He remained on this earth a mere 40
days after his resurrection. That He chose to spend
nearly an entire day with these two to help restore
their faith is something that makes me love Him
even more, if that’s possible. This is a Savior who
cares so much about each one of us that He will go
to great lengths to bring back our hope. He loves
us so much.

 Jesus has restored my hope in Him so many times.
And thankfully He also restored my hope for my
marriage. He redeemed us, and I still can’t get over

Whatever is going on in your life, I don’t want you
to lose hope. But I know of Someone who is happy
to restore it when you do.

He does it in His own way and in His own time, but
He will do it.  It may not look a thing like you
planned or imagined it would be but trust His
ways. There is always hope in Him.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm
and secure.” Hebrews 6:19a

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